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My Story: Capturing Meaningful Life Memories
in Community with Others


Your story is one of the most precious gifts you could ever give to yourself and your family. Don’t let it go unopened!


Many of us intend to find the time to record our stories, but the busyness of life gets in the way and we never get around to it. My Story provides a unique opportunity to achieve this important goal within the context of a trusted community setting. We write in between meetings and then return to share our stories with one another. Participants come not only to read, but to listen to others and provide helpful feedback and encouragement. See our gallery for photos of My Story gatherings, participants' family photos and projects.  

What My Story participants are saying: 

"My time with my writing group is the highlight of my week. I have grown very close, very fast, with the people who I am helping to write their story, and they mine."

"When you start to pull back all of the stuff from so many years, you think, 'Wow, God did this!' and it's good to finally put it in story form."

"Once you see the finished product - once you see that you are able to write these stories and share them not only with the people around you, but with the future generations - you're going to be glad that you did." 

"This caused me to have to reach down inside myself and take the things in me and put them together in a way that's going to be truthful - and the result of that really has helped to set me free from some of my inner stuff." 


Meet My Story Co-Founders Amy Hudson and Chris Roberts. (Photo Credit: Mark Najjar,

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