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My Story: Capturing Meaningful Life Memories
in Community with Others


Your story is one of the most precious gifts you could ever give to yourself and your family. Don’t let it go unopened! New My Story Community Groups are beginning in fall 2023. 


Many of us intend to find the time to record our stories, but the busyness of life gets in the way and we never get around to it. My Story provides a unique opportunity to achieve this important goal within the context of a trusted community setting. We write in between meetings and then return to share our stories with one another. Participants come not only to read, but to listen to others and provide helpful feedback and encouragement. See our gallery for photos of My Story gatherings, participants' family photos and projects.  

My Story was piloted in Atlanta, GA in 2019. Since then, three unique community groups have gone through the program. When COVID hit midway through our second season in March of 2020, we shifted from in-person to online gatherings. It was clear that the need for community was greater than ever and we extended well beyond our original 10-week season. While our third season was conducted online only, we encourage groups moving forward to decide what works best for them. We also encourage groups to celebrate when participants' projects are ready to share! We have hosted celebration events both in person and online.


What's on the horizon for Season 4? We are expanding our reach to train My Story leaders in cities across the country. Thanks to the Christian Grandparent Network for helping to promote this new opportunity! If you would like to lead a My Story group through your church or ministry, please visit our contact page and send us an email. 


Meet My Story Co-Founders Chris Roberts and Amy Hudson. 

Chris and Amy will lead this fall's workshops to train My Story leaders in communities across the county.

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